Stage 8: Fiuggi – Campitello Matese
Stage 8: Fiuggi – Campitello Matese
Saturday, 16th May 2015
Saturday, 16th May 2015

Our first location today was looking out from a village on a hill, with a background of olive trees. As I waited in the rain, I was joined by 4 other photographers - I must have been onto something.


We snacked on porchetta rolls with crispy crackling, which were really rather tasty, and listened to the thunder in the distance as the weather set in.


Despite this, there were already large crowds staking their spot on the mountain. Sausages were cooking on charcoal fires as wine and beer started to flow. Someone broke out a piano accordion - the perfect background as we waited for the riders.

The mountain top finish saw small patches of snow in the shadows of the trees.


The crowds were deafeningly loud, cheering for their heroes.


To get the shot I was looking for, I had to walk through a stinging nettle patch – luckily, this time, I had jeans on.

Everyone is looking foward to a rest day – only one more day to go. In other news, we has a perfect navigation day with no hiccups. Which was a relief.


In a final footnote, the CCC Team bus broke down on the climb with a number of locals gathering round to offer sage engine advice. Meanwhile, the riders had to roll back down the hill on their bikes.

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