Join Beardy McBeard and his Caravan as he chases some of cycling’s biggest races around the world. Get a new perspective on this beautiful sport through Beardy's iconic photos and the stories behind them.

There is no-one in cycling photography quite like Beardy McBeard. Part professional photographer, part yarn-spinner, part cult icon, part mountain goat. Instantly recognisable to thousands of cycling fans all over the globe - he's famous for not only his beard, but for his well-meaning run-ins with the local constabulary (as he pushes for 'that' shot), for his sing-a-longs with frenzied cycling crowds (often when he has no idea what is being sung) and for being a man of the people - joining his fans at roadside for a cup of vino and a hearty slice of jamon as he shares his passion for cycling with anyone who will listen.

He's also really good at what he does. In a world of finish-line and podium shots, you'll find Beardy instead perched in highly precarious places, balancing on rock cliffs, leaning over cliffs, climbing tress, swinging off street bollards - whatever it takes to capture the passion, suffering, history and pageantry of this great sport. Shots that tell the story of the race, and the people behind it. A quick search of the hashtag #wheresbeardy will illustrate the point nicely.

So he takes a nice shot. What's less well known is that he is also a ripping story-teller - a cycling savant rolled into campfire kumbayah sort of thing. In his own laconic style he brings you on the journey with him, telling the story behind the photos and bringing forward the personalities and colour that make the sport the spectacle that it is. That's what makes the Caravan special - it's not just another photo gallery; it is a living, breathing experience of this beautiful sport.

From Australia to Belgium to France, Beardy and his Caravan has a very simple goal; he wants you to love this sport as much as he does. Welcome to the Caravan - we hope you enjoy the ride!

P.S. If you want to know more about the Caravan (including image, media or sponsorship requests), you can contact Beardy here.

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